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Winter holidays are always an exciting time here in Massachusetts, but we’re celebrating some great progress.

My new store is just up with a listing of many of my choral pieces, my Jim Scott Songbook – Affirmations and Celebrations was finally released this summer and my three best selling CDs are now out in ecological cardboard packaging. Whatever holidays your family celebrates, we’re offering some bargains for holiday gifts of music, carrying thoughts of peace, hope, justice and care for the earth.

Earth Sky Love and Dreams, Sailing With the Moon, and Gather the Spirit CDs

All 3 CDs, now in eco-wallets, for a special “package deal” (pun intended?)
Get all three CDs for $30 – with free shipping. (savings of more than $20).

My Jim Scott Songbook is finally out!

Songs of Earth, Community, Justice and Peace
Affirmations, and Celebrations

After months of editing and tweaking, my new Jim Scott Songbook, Affirmations and Celebrations is finally published. This features old favorites for group singing (Song For the Earth, Gather the Spirit) plus many new songs (Healing Waters, We Are the Earth).  All the songs have piano accompaniment, chord symbols, and there’s a 4 page cross reference of all the themes represented in the lyrics, when you’re searching for just the right song.  I think it’s contains my best offerings for spiritual gatherings, schools, informal choirs and for the singer or band that will take them and turn them into mega hits.

You can find more description, lyrics, etc. on the website, www.Jimscottmusic.com.

The book of 42 songs will list for $25. Right now, you can get yours for $20 with free shipping. Remember, you need at least two:  one for a soloist and one for accompanist.

The Jim Scott Songbook lists for $25

Holiday special – $20 and free shipping.

The Earth & Spirit Songbook (usually $25) also available for:

Special holiday price – $20 with free shipping.

Buy both songbooks (or two of the same) for $38 
(a savings of more than $20) and free shipping!

Order any greater number of either book – $19 each.
Order 10 or more Earth and Spirit Songbooks – $17 each

And of course free shipping!
Free shipping until Dec. 31, 2015

Order by Dec 18 to insure delivery by Christmas

Pre orders for the book have all been sent. Send us an email if you by any chance haven’t received yours yet and you pre-ordered. Click HERE to go to our online store to order or just look around.

Thanks for your support of this work!

And some further excitement:

I’ve also been working on a new album Heart in Another Land, including many new songs that have Latin, Brazilian and Caribbean rhythms with a bit more of a jazz sensibility. When people ask, “What style is this?” I say I just call this music “American music” and it’s where my heart has been for a long time. There are of course socially conscious, earth and peace messages, but also some silliness. We’re planning for it to be out this spring. Stay tuned, I’ll be sending out more detail soon. Happiest of holidays from my family to yours.

In peace,  Jim